Into the River

Take your life deeper in god as julie meyer takes you on a journey by singing & teaching her way through the bible.

Into the River

transform your life in god today with endless worship.


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Endless soaking worship. Encouraging Weekly Bible Studies. Empowering Interactive Classes (featured below). There’s never been a better time to begin than now! Only requires a standard internet connection.

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Into the River enriches real people every day.

I have found joy & peace; I have believed for wonder in singing to God. The word of God has so many texts on singing to God and it's fun to find them. Listening to soaking music for hours is such a great treat and gift.
Barbara Moore 
I live in Hong Kong. Into the River provides me with daily soaking music that has become a wellspring to me. In the busyness of the city, Into the River is my refuge to get away and simply be still with the Lord. Thanks Julie!
Daniel Black 
I love the soothing quality of the songs, and that is also in your voice, words, and His testimony in this ministry! There is just something about all of this that soothes my soul and positions me for further breakthrough. It has already broken me through, listening to the Word at home and through the night, and changing the atmosphere! Thank you and blessings of MORE Light, Truth, and Love to you!!! Thank you for the Love of the LORD & your love that is sincere which prefers others.
Lucy Roberts 
I am excited to watch, listen, and participate each week! I LOVE the way Julie embraces the Scriptures with such sweet & wonderful worship in addition to the way you sing actual chapters and verses of the Bible by incorporating word studies plus explanations of the same passage that you sing with your beautiful voice. That is precious, so very precious to me. I LOVE YOU, JULIE! <3
Gloria Casale 

I love prophetic worship, where suddenly in the midst of worship, you have God’s heart & you prophesy!Julie Meyer

You Get Everything

Into The River is more than music; it’s a complete suite of empowering resources hand crafted to imbue your life in God with joy.

Bible Studies

Join Julie Meyer as she journies through the same Psalmic passages she sang through in a LIVE Bible study hosted by Facebook.

Click here.

Streaming Radio

Endless soaking radio is available for your enjoyment on any device and at anytime. More worship is added each month since June 2016.Click here.

Interactive Classes

Participate, in real time, with Julie Meyer & other  Christian leaders each month where you get to ask the questions on Facebook LIVE.
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Endless Soaking Worship

~15 hours of prophetic & spontaneous worship is available to unendingly stream. More is added each month and has been since June 2016.

Endless soaking music based on majestic biblical themes with fresh inspiration from modern prophetic instrumentalists.

Take Your Bible Study to the Next Level

Join Julie Meyer on Facebook LIVE each week for an engaging Bible Study which is then archived for your convenience on our platform. 

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