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Julie Meyer Ministries exists to equip the Church to live vibrant spiritual lives filled with praise, worship, and music.

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Living Stones Function to Love

Living Stones Function to Love

Blog What is the function of the Church?Living Stones are people who are being built together for remarkable functions. In terms of the metaphor, it appears that we are being installed into the walls of God’s temple. In practical terms, God’s house is all over the...

Living Stones Live a Fulfilling Life

Living Stones Live a Fulfilling Life

Blog What is life all about?What defines a fulfilling life? That question goes along with the question “what is life all about?” Thousands of books have been written and thousands of sermons have been preached to try and answer these questions. I propose to use the...

These Rocks Will Cry Out

These Rocks Will Cry Out

Blog What is the meaning of the odd phrase even the stones will cry out?Jesus makes an amazing statement as He rides into Jerusalem on the Sunday before Passover. The people are shouting “Blessed is the King Who comes in the Name of the Lord!” Jesus welcomes their...


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