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Soaking & Prophetic Songs

Each and every month, 60 – 90 minutes worth of soaking, spontaneous, and prophetic music will be available to you from our website. The tracks are in .mp3 format, which is usable across many devices. Simply download and enjoy!

Interactive Classes

On the last Tuesday night of every month, Julie will host an interactive class available to members through YouTube LIVE (you do not need a YouTube account to participate). Simply accept the invite and enjoy!

FREE future product downloads

We are excited to give free future music product releases to all current members! The future albums will be available on the same page where her soaking tracks will be located. You will never have to buy another CD again!

Come and Drink

Jesus boldly told the Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob that she could come to Him and He would give her living waters. He was speaking figuratively of the Spirit of God. We cannot live without natural water and so we cannot spiritually live without the water of the Spirit of God. Jesus taught the disciples in Matt 6 that “blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.”

It is interesting that Jesus said that we should thirst for this righteousness. That provokes me to ponder why being thirsty and righteousness go together. Because righteousness is an old English word that has become somewhat vague and religious in our modern world, I believe it begs a new definition or translation. If you boil down the 10 commandments as Jesus did when He said, “The greatest commandment is to love God with your whole heart and soul and body,” that grand statement boils down to “doing the correct or right thing” for God and people and ourselves.

So when we hunger and thirst for be able to do the right thing, He promised that we would be satisfied. How does this happen? The only way it can happen is if we have the indwelling presence of God in our hearts via His Holy Spirit. David said in Psalms that his heart and flesh longed and thirsted for God in a dry and weary land. Again the language used here is symbolic and points to water for the thirsty. David mentioned the life giving power of the Spirit of God in Psalms 51 “take not your Holy Spirit from me…”

David loved the Presence of God and the Holy Spirit. He knew that if he grieved the Spirit of God He might leave him and then the Presence of the Lord would diminish. David lived in the days the Old Covenant and so did the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus came along and told this woman that she could have living waters inside her and she would never be thirsty again. This woman was not allowed in the Jewish temple and was considered to be a Gentile. Jesus risked much to minister to her and probably stirred up some controversy as people heard what He did. God has been invited mankind to fellowship with Him since the days of Adam and Eve. He walked and talked with them in the garden when He came to visit them. He was about cultivating a relationship with them. He made it easy for them to know Him. His heart has never changed and He has again made it easy for us to experience Him by the sweet indwelling presence of His life giving Spirit.

Come and drink of His living waters and allow them (Holy Spirit) to well up in you like the well where Jesus invited the woman to drink of His living waters. This Samaritan woman was outcast and probably depressed. Her own people had probably rejected her and the Jews had also rejected her people. For Jesus to talk to her was actually culturally forbidden. She must have felt unworthy and even tried to test Him and get out of the situation. But Jesus gently shared love and hope with her and she was so transformed that she went to her village and told people about her experience and many people found Jesus that day. Regardless of how we feel about ourselves, He is always telling us “Come and Drink”. Come to Me and I will give you living water and you will never thirst again!

This is an invitation to all who want to bask in the soothing, healing presence of God.