“I Fall In Love” is one of my favorite love songs to Jesus. The words “every time I sing Worthy, I fall in love” has been a key that unlocks my heart and frees my soul to enjoy His love as He loves me.

I hope that as you worship and pray that you too will fall over and over in love with Him! There is a wonderful feeling as Julie and I travel and experience places known for being romantic, such as Paris or New York or even Jerusalem. The beautiful architecture and landscaping and the colorful cultural expressions make our souls shout “Wow!” and we start to “fall in love” with the city and the people. The shops and art work and museums create an excitement because of all the new sights and sounds. It is very exciting and enlightening. In Song of Solomon Chapter 4 and verse 9 Solomon writes (NKJV) “You have ravished my heart, my sister my spouse; you have ravished my heart with one look of your eyes…”.

The King is falling in love with this beautiful young woman. He is overwhelmed with her eyes and has to turn away from her gaze because of this new well of emotion. When we sing or pray ‘Worthy is Lamb’ it is very much the same. The eyes of our heart begin to open up and as we ‘see’ Him in His beautiful glory, we fall in love again with Him. Imagine yourself having the incredible favor to be taken to heaven and be called to stand before Jesus as He sits on His glorious throne! As you look up to see His face you will see Him smiling at you and His eyes will shine like the stars in the Heavens. It would probably be overwhelming to experience His pure love face to face. Even now we can experience blessings like this here on earth! As we worship and adore Him our heart melts with gratitude and our soul fills with joy when our minds are renewed in the simple truth that “Jesus loves me” ! The everlasting love of God renews our love for Him over and over and over. The rivers of living water within us sing from our heart “I fall in love, over and over…”.

I Fall In Love