Soaking & Prophetic Songs

Each and every month, 60 – 90 minutes worth of soaking, spontaneous, and prophetic music will be available to you from our website. The tracks are in .mp3 format, which is usable across many devices. Simply download and enjoy!

Interactive Classes

On the last Tuesday night of every month, Julie will host an interactive class available to members through YouTube LIVE (you do not need a YouTube account to participate). Simply accept the invite and enjoy!

FREE future product downloads

We are excited to give free future music product releases to all current members! The future albums will be available on the same page where her soaking tracks will be located. You will never have to buy another CD again!

Sing a New Song

I have personally had so many questions about prophetic worship, how to sing the Bible, and questions on singing spontaneously. I wanted to come up with an easy way to help everyone practice or merely enjoy the spontaneous song. (And yes, you can practice being spontaneous! 🙂 )

Psalm 33:3
Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise.

I love this scripture! We are not told who wrote this Psalm yet many believe it is the penmanship of David making a joyful song. He is writing and singing his declaration inviting every reader to ‘Sing out, sing to God.’ But, David begins to say ‘Sing a new song’ — Don’t just sing the old songs – sing something that is fresh; sing a new melody! Sing a song that has not been written before, a song that comes out of those spontaneous times in worship. Sing the words that bubble up on the inside of you because you are singing the Word of God. Sing a new song, a fresh song – a song that is for this moment – it’s fresh, and it is brand new. Never before been written, and never before been sung.

For over 30 years, I have sat at my piano with my Bible opened and simply begin to sing the scriptures. This verse is always in my mind most of the times I do sing in my own home. It is also one of the easiest ways I have found to be able to quiet my soul and just listen to God. The Holy Spirit seems to always speak in those times when I am singing His Word and waiting. I’m not in a hurry – but simply singing the Psalms or the Gospel of John.

We want to bless and invite you to come with us as we jump Into the River. For all who join us, we will be sending you access to 60 – 90 minutes each month of prophetic soaking music. It will always be new and fresh. We also want to include access to exclusive roundtables where we will be talking about prophetic worship, learning to hear the voice of the Lord, musicianship, the art of making up melodies, and singing spontaneous choruses.

For everyone who joins – we will also be making available free .mp3 downloads of future products and also including more exciting exclusive content for anyone joining us as we journey deep into worship.


I hope you will be part of this community of worshipers who want to dive deep Into The River – a rushing river filled with everything new!

This is an invitation to all who want to bask in the soothing, healing presence of God.