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Can You Hear the Sound?

  Can you hear the sound? We are announcing a very exciting and special initiative tomorrow. It features all the elements that define us -- prophetic music, equipping believers, and reaching the world. We cannot wait to share with you what we have in store, and...

Come and Drink

  Each and every month, 60 – 90 minutes worth of soaking, spontaneous, and prophetic music will be available to you from our website. The tracks are in .mp3 format, which is usable across many devices. Simply download and enjoy! On the last Tuesday night of every...

I Fall In Love

"I Fall In Love" is one of my favorite love songs to Jesus. The words "every time I sing Worthy, I fall in love" has been a key that unlocks my heart and frees my soul to enjoy His love as He loves me. I hope that as you worship and pray that you too will fall over...

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