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Worship The King


Worship. That intimate, face-to-face encounter with our most wonderful God, where we lavish our love upon Him… hear His heart… and simply, BEHOLD. Worship the King is a book compiled by authors who know what it is to have their hearts entwined with His in the intimacy of worship. Come; respond to the calling of the deep and share the mysteries in this secret place… Worship the King.



Julie Meyer explains her journey into prophetic worship through singing the Word. Nic Bilman begins with examples and an exhortation about how we can function like thermostats vs. thermometers in changing the atmosphere through our worship. Jonathan Williams reminds us that worship is a reflection of how we are to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. Bishop Joseph Garlington explores the depths of King David’s understanding of true worship that caused him to say “Let my prayer be counted as incense before you, and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice!” (Psalm 141:2 ESV) David knew that our gestures of faith and our attitude of heart are more pleasing to God than all the outward ceremony that was involved with the ancient system of religious laws and rituals.

Brian Wright shares how their corporate worship experiences are being instrumental in releasing the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit. Next Michael & Angela Pinkston share about two ingredients they have found to keep worship meaningful to them – that true worship requires both intimacy and awe. Say the Pinkstons: “We must know the awesome, holy, righteous God whose fearsome presence makes us dive for cover, as well as the intimate and grace-filled, loving relationship between the Bridegroom King and His Bride.” Steve Mitchell explains the historic use of the audible reading of Scriptures in our worship experience.

Sandy Lockhart offers keys to making worship a lifestyle instead of an event. Caleb Brundidge exhorts us to realize that praise is a weapon of war and then walks us through the various Hebrew words involved with forms of praise, their actions and their implications. Art Lucier draws from personal experience to show how worship can touch and change lives of children as well as adults.

Dennis See also shares keys from his experience of how to go deeper in worship. Vince Gibson clarifies that a worship leader’s mandate is not only to worship the King themselves. but to prepare others for encounters with the King and lead them into that experience. Sean Feucht offers a prophetic perspective on the end times restoration of the Tabernacle of David and shows from Scriptures and experience how God ultimately intends to saturate the earth with the knowledge of His glory through a resurgence of Davidic worship.

Patricia King concludes the book by offering practical suggestions to assist you in the battle for intimacy with the Lord.

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