We Will Shout of His Goodness!





Soaking & Prophetic Songs

Each and every month, 60 – 90 minutes worth of soaking, spontaneous, and prophetic music will be available to you from our website. The tracks are in .mp3 format, which is usable across many devices. Simply download and enjoy!

Interactive Classes

On the last Tuesday night of every month, Julie will host an interactive class available to members through YouTube LIVE (you do not need a YouTube account to participate). Simply accept the invite and enjoy!

FREE future product downloads

We are excited to give free future music product releases to all current members! The future albums will be available on the same page where her soaking tracks will be located. You will never have to buy another CD again!

We Will Shout His Goodness!

We are so excited about Into The River! Through the use of technology and social media, we are able to reach the ends of the earth with the Gospel of Jesus. It really is simply amazing. In so many of my travels, I run into amazing people who have questions about worship; they have questions about vocal training, song writing, hearing the voice of God, intercession. Now, it’s as if technology has made a way for all of us to interact, communicate, and grow as a worshiping community.

This is not just for worship leaders and singers; it’s for anyone wanting to soak their heart in prophetic worship. It’s for anyone wanting to connect with a community of people all focused on growing in His Word and hearing His voice.

I have been blessed with some of the best mentors and teachers in my life. My heart is to pass all of this knowledge onto you. At the same time, because of virtual classes – you are also able to ask questions so that your own interests are heard and answered. We want to take this opportunity of technology and blast the knowledge of Jesus everywhere. Training singers to sing, worshipers to worship, intercessors to pray — it’s all at the click of our fingers – through technology.

We want to utilize technology to advance God’s Kingdom. So we will be having monthly teaching sessions through interactive classes, where we will focus on subjects such as worship, singing the Word, hearing the Voice of the Lord, musicianship, dreams and songwriting.

I will, at times, be joined by some of my amazing friends who have blessed me in my life. I want my friends to be part of blessing you! We want to empower you to be all that God has called you to be.

Join us on this journey! I am so excited about a community of worshipers jumping Into The River of His presence. He is so good. We will shout of His goodness! We will write about His goodness. We will sing about His goodness until the whole world knows!

This is an invitation to all who want to bask in the soothing, healing presence of God.